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Welcome to the HHUK RaDiO official website - The Home of Hard House UK Radio since 1998

HHUK RaDiO is back in 2019 with our new radio station - Chemical Radio - playing non-stop DJ mix
anthems from our favourite LGBT and other legendary clubs from across the U.K and Europe.

HHUK - Hard House UK Radio presents CHEMICAL RADIO

DJ's playing their choice of the best Funky, Tribal and Hard House plus extra doses
of Hard NRG filth at the weekends to keep you on your toes during our live mix shows.

Camp, Funky, Fierce & Filthy!

Exclusive mixes from top DJ's including Tony De Vit, Ian M, Karim, Pete Wardman, Andy Farley,
Dave Randall, Captain Tinrib, Steve Thomas, Riggsy, Kirk Dixon, John The Dentist, Baby Doc, The Sharp Boys,
Rachel Auburn, Emma Doubell, Malcolm Duffy, Blu Peter, Nick Sentience and many more!

Re-live the sound of Trade (Trade Babies like ourselves are always welcome!), FF and Warriors at Turnmills, DTPM and Riot at The End,
Sherbet and Tinrib at The Soundshaft, Garage and Megatripolis at Heaven, Blue & Sweat at Subway City, Shine at Radius Birmingham, Insomniacz in Sheffield,
Sundissential and many other infamous and legendary clubs, most of which are no longer with us (:

The clubs may have gone but the music remains on HHUK Hard House UK Radio and Chemical Radio!

So dim the lights, switch on your fog machine (?) and get your light-stick out (ooh err).  Enjoy This Trip!



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