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HHUK Radio - Hard House UK Radio plays exclusive Tribal House, Hard House  and Hard NRG remixes,
white labels, promo's and -=HHUK DJ MasterMixes=- 24/7 live from our studio in London U.K.  Our new station -= CHEMICAL RADIO =- plays classic Tribal and Hard House, Hard Trance and Nu=NRG.
HHUK RaDiO was founded by BBC Radio Broadcaster Adam Moore who launched the first HHUK radio streams on live365 way back in 1998.

London's Gay Scene is well-known for bringing new musical styles to the fore. Hard House is just one of those genres championed by legendary clubs
like Trade @ Turnmills, Garage & Megatripolis @ Heaven, DTPM @ The End and Sherbet @ The Soundshaft.

e bring you our favourite musical memories and mixes from those clubs
and from many of the other legendary events once found across the United Kingdom every weekend.

The HHUK Hard House UK Radio playlist (updated daily):

Exclusive tracks & mixes from top DJ's including Tony De Vit, Ian M, Karim, Pete Wardman, Superfast Oz, Rob Davies @ Insomniacz, The New Age,
JP & Jukesey, Andy Farley, Dave Randall, Captain Tinrib, Weirdo, Nick Sandoval, Steve Thomas, Adam Moore, Alex Towse, Riggsy, Kirk Dixon, DJ Protic, Tim C
 Ali Wilson, Hussy, Ben Stevens, Boy Wonder, Dave Evans, DJ MiU, Baby Doc & SJ, GanjaGuru VS DigJiTal, The Sharp Boys, Rachel Auburn, Emma Doubell,
Blu Peter, Nick Sentience, Weirdo, Sarah C, Metz, Rob Diaz, Billy Daniel Bunter, Roosta, Girdler Synthetic @ Escape to Samsara VS Pendragon and many more FIERCE and exclusive mixes and remixes.

So strap in, dim the lights, switch on your fog machine and get your light-sticks out (optional..). Enjoy This Trip!

Twitter: @radio_chemical

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